Our Home Care Manuals

A Start-up and Operations Manual

The Home Care Start-Up & Operations Manual offers comprehensive and valuable information. It will put you on the fast track towards setting up and operating your own non-medical home care business. You could spend the next several months researching and compiling the information required and still miss important factors. Most of the leg work is done for you in this one convenient, inexpensive package. Of special value are the numerous forms, which will help you establish your business and run its day-to-day operations.

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Helping and Understanding Seniors

“The Home Care Assistant Guide “— a Handbook for Helping & Understanding Seniors — is a compilation of information designed to assist caregivers and home care service providers in the delivery of quality care to seniors by understanding their needs and challenges and by recognizing and reacting to their various tribulations and personalities. The guide is a virtual “tool kit” filled with the knowledge, skills, procedures, tips and techniques needed to provide effective home care services. As such, it is as important to Home Care Assistants as hammers and saws are to carpenters. It provides suggestions on how Home Care Assistants can help seniors in stressful situations by ensuring they are acting and reacting in a manner, which is appropriate and beneficial to the senior and the circumstance.

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A Policies and Procedures Manual

We are pleased to offer you an excellent range of fully editable pre-written policies & procedures, guidelines and forms written/produced using MS Word.

If you are just starting out and/or want to improve your existing business operations our Non-Medical Home Care Policies & Procedures Manual will prove to be a very valuable resource. It contains important policies and procedures which provide the framework that defines your company’s/agency’s operating principles and processes. Our P & P manual will also prove to be very useful in helping you with any licensing requirements for a non-medical home care business.

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An Employee Handbook is an essential business tool, as it provides a means of communication between Management and employees and potentially protects both from future legal problems.  A Handbook can keep you from having to ‘reinvent the wheel’ every time an issue, question, or dispute arises, as it provides a first point of contact for answering questions, and outlines steps for in-depth issues. An Employee Handbook saves time, resources and money.

A lot of work goes into the development and implementation of an Employee Handbook but you have been spared this tedious and time-consuming task, as we have created a solid foundation for you.   All you need to do is a little editing to enter the specifics of your own  home care business operations and to reflect legalities, applicable to your area.  The document is written in MS Word 2007 and is designed to make editing fast, easy and user-friendly.

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