A Start-Up & Operations Manual

The manual describes in an orderly fashion the various steps involved in setting up & operating your own non-medical home care business. Immediate Download! $ 69.95 USD

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A Policies & Procedures Manual

We offer a full range of editable pre-written policies and procedures produced in MS Word. Immediate Download! $ 95.95 USD

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The Home Care Assistant Guide

Offers a wealth of information to better able to help and understand your clients.

Immediate Download! $ 29.95 USD

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Employee Welcome Packet

Brings your employees up to speed quickly by providing a overview of your agency.

Immediate Download! $ 24.95 USD

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Forms Package

Useful forms to help you manage your home care business.
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Client Handbook/ Admission Packet

Make a professional first impression to new clients

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Interested in starting your own non-medical home care business &/or need a set of pre-written policies and procedures? Fortunately, you've come to the right place!!

Advice, Techniques, Tools and Tips to help you start and operate your own non-medical home care business.

If you have ever considered starting your own Home Care Business (Non-Medical Home Care Business), conditions have never been better for success.The senior population is one of the fastest growing segments, &, consequently, the demand for home care services is greatly expanding & will continue to expand throughout the 21st Century. The number of Americans sixty five and over will double by the year 2050 and is now a 85 billion dollar industry.By 2021, about 18 %  of Canadians will be above the age of 65. This means there is a business opportunity in the home care service industry to you. Yet, the task of turning your dream into a reality remains as challenging as ever. Fewer barriers to entry into the home care field, only stiffens the competition;so, getting off on the right path is critical to your success.

A non-medical home care business/agency provides non-medical services to individuals in the comfort of their  own home or residence. Some of the services offered may include assistance with activities of daily living (ADL), personal care, housekeeping, and companionship to name a few. The services are intended to provide a support system to enable individuals to remain safely and comfortably in their own surroundings as long as possible. The in-home care services are focused on providing help that is not medical in nature but rather based upon helping the client in meeting the demands of living as independently as possible.

A non-medical home care business can be established almost anywhere,has a high growth potential, can make a difference by helping others, and which can be operated as a home-based business.

Our Start-Up & Operations Manual will show you how to start your own home care business while our Home Care Policy & Procedure Manual will help ensure you provide a quality service to your clients & that you have a well-run agency/business. Most States require that you have a set of policies and procedures for licensing requirements. You can edit our pre-written policies & procedures to conform to your specific state requirements.


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