Table of Contents


Purpose of Handbook

Agency Overview

Location and Contact Information

Hours of Service

-Hour & On-Call Services

Governing Body

Organizational Structure

Leadership Team


Face-to-Face Interactions

Suggestion Box & Bulletin Board

Staff Meetings

Agency Aims and Objectives

Mission Statement




Human Rights

Equal Opportunity



Sexual Harassment

Reporting Discrimination and/or Harassment

Cultural Diversity


Employment Eligibility

Legal Requirements

Employment of Relatives

Employment of Minors

Employment Process

Unsolicited Employment Applications

Post Position

Screen Applicants

Create Short-List

Conduct Personal Interview

Select New Employee

Make Conditional Offer-of-Employment

Conduct Background Checks

Evaluate Competency

Obtain Additional Information

Determine Immunizations and Testing Requirements

Issue Written Offer-of-Employment

Accept Offer-of-Employment & Complete Hiring Paper-Work

Notify Unsuccessful Candidates

Background Checks

Licensure, Certification and Registration

Renewal of Licensure, Certification and Registration

CPR and First Aid

Criminal Convictions

Additional Conditions of Employment

Drug/Alcohol Testing

Medical Marijuana Usage

Per Diem Status


Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure of Information

HIPAA Privacy Rule

Conflict of Interest

Absence of Communicable Diseases


Tetanus-Diphtheria Toxoid

Hepatitis B Series

Tuberculosis Control

Influenza Control

COVID-   Control

Employee Immunization Responsibilities

Personal Information

Employee Personnel Files

Employee Medical Files

Classification of Workers

Full-time Employee

Part-time Employee

Full-time Salaried Employee

Part-time Salaried Employee

Temporary Employee

Casual Employee

Shift Employee

Per Visit Employee

Probationary Employee

Independent Contractor

Exempt Employee

Non-Exempt Employee


Standard Work Week

Agency Office Hours

Client Services Hours

Weekend Work Hours

Shift Work Hours

Work Assignments

Work Assignments in the Office

Work Assignments in Clients’ Homes

Client Orientation for Support Workers/Care Aids

Employee Work Assignment Responsibilities

When Unable to Make Work Assignment

Human Resources

Job Descriptions

Employee Skills

Employee Qualifications

Home Care Aide Qualification Criteria

Routine Competency Evaluations

Performance Appraisals

The Appraisal Process

Before You Meet with Your Supervisor

Meeting with Your Supervisor

Performance Issues

Disciplinary Action

Infractions that Could Result in Disciplinary Action

Termination of Employment

Main Reasons For Discharge From Our Agency

Voluntary Termination or Resignation



Involuntary Termination or Dismissal

Exit Interviews

Staff Development







Paid Working Hours

Fair Labor Standards Act

Working Hours

Travel Time

Training and Seminars

Employee Breaks

Paid Breaks

Unpaid Breaks

Rest & Meal Breaks

Leave of Absence

Personal Leave of Absence

Health Issues

Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)

Maternity Leave

Breast-Feeding While on Duty

Parental Leave

Bereavement Leave

Jury Duty

Military Leave

Leave of Absence Requests

Payroll Procedures

Pay Periods

Rounding-Off Hours

Time Sheets

Payroll Deductions

Employee Compensation

Regular Compensation

Over-Time Compensation

Paid Days Off

Eligibility for Paid Days Off

Ineligibility for Paid Days Off

Statutory Holidays

Re-Assignment of Wages

Employee Benefits

Eligibility for Benefits

Full-time Employees

Part-time Employees

Dental and Health Insurance

Continuing Health Coverage (COBRA)

Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA)

Temporary Disability Insurance

Employee Perks

Referral Bonus

Profit Sharing Plan

Stock Options

Performance Standards & Expectations

Work Ethics and Standards of Conduct

Absence from Work



Dress Code

Identification Badge

Personal Phone Calls & Texting

Secondary Employment

Private Servicing Agency Clients

Drug, Alcohol & Illegal Substance Abuse

Gifts, Gratuities & Business Courtesies

Solicitation & Distribution

Federal Civil False Claims & Deficit Reduction Acts

The Federal Civil False Claims Act

Examples of Fiscal Abuse & Fraud Practices

Deficit Reduction Act of      – Section

State False Claims Act

State Medicaid False Claims Act

Reporting Suspected False Claims

“Qui-Tam” (Whistleblower) Protection

Measures for Detecting and Preventing Fraud, Waste, & Abuse

Red Flag Rule


Vehicle Usage Prerequisites

Agency Vehicle Usage

Personal Vehicle Usage for Client Service

Transportation Waiver

Client Health Insurance Information in Vehicle

Transporting Clients in Employee Vehicles

Transporting Clients in Clients’ Vehicles

Compensation for Private Vehicle Usage

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)

Pre-Requisites for NEMT Drivers

Agency Liability for Personal Property

Usage of Agency Property

Automation Systems


Computers/Telephones/Cell Phones/Mobile Devices


Voice Mail


Personal Usage of Automation Systems

Prohibited Usage of Automation Systems

Expectations of Privacy

Managerial Rights

Disciplinary Action

Social Media

Media Inquiries

Securing Electronic Devices and Confidential Data

Text & Email Messages


Permitted Text/Email Communications

Prohibited Text/Email Communications

Data Management

Verbal & Telephone Orders

Agency Purchases & Expenditures

Client Health and Safety

Clients with Unstable Health

Client Medical Emergency

Calling  – –

“Do Not Resuscitate” Orders

Death of Client at Home

Death Occurs While on Duty

After-Death Care

Supporting the Bereaved

Client Abuse

Reporting Child Abuse

Safety Measures in the Home Environment

Food Safety

Employee Personal Safety

Safety in the Work Environment

Work-Related Injuries/Illness

Procedures if Injured or Become Ill When on Duty

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Reporting Incidents

Violence & Threats of Violence

Employee Responsibilities

Environmental Disasters and Emergencies

Employee Responsibilities

Inclement Weather and Hazardous Community Conditions

Infection Control

Infectious/Communicable Diseases in the Community

Employees with Infectious/Communicable Diseases

Clients with Infectious/Communicable Diseases

Blood-borne Diseases

Exposure Plan for Blood-borne Diseases

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Sharp Objects

Financial & Legal Issues

Managing Client’s Finances/Property

Assuming Legal Responsibility for Clients

Exploitation of Client’s Finances /Property

Medication Management

General Documentation

Handbook Revisions

Receipt of Employee Handbook


Agency Forms

Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreement

Conflict of Interest Statement

Consent for Child Abuse Clearance Check

Consent to Release Child Abuse Clearance Report

Consent to Drug & Alcohol Testing

Decline Influenza Vaccination

Employee Complaint/Grievance

Employee Mileage Record

Employee Time Sheet

Employer-Employee Agreement

HIPAA – Notice of  Privacy Practices

Job Descriptions

  • Manager/Administrator
  • Compliance Officer
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Supervisor
  • Registered Nurse
  • Personal Care Attendant
  • Live-in Home Care Aide
  • Homemaker
  • Home Care Companion
  • Financial Manager
  • Receptionist
  • General Office Clerk
  • Bookkeeper
  • Billing Clerk
  • Payroll Clerk

Mission, Vision & Value Statement

Organizational Chart

Pre-Employment Background Check Authorization

Private Vehicle Mileage Record

Request or Decline Hepatitis B Vaccine

Staff Record of Training & In-services

Standards of Conduct

Texting & Emailing Risks – Notice

Federal Forms

I- 9  –  Employment Eligibility Verification

W-4   –  Employee’s Withholding Certificate

W- 9  –  Request for Taxpayer ID Number & Verification

State& Federal Taxation Sites

Links to State & Federal Taxation Sites