A Policies and Procedures Manual for Non-Medical Home Care

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Includes 181 Policies & Procedures & 65 Forms

We are pleased to offer you an excellent range of fully editable pre-written policies & procedures, guidelines and forms written/produced using MS Word.

If you are just starting out and/or want to improve your existing business operations our Non-Medical Home Care Policies & Procedures Manual will prove to be a very valuable resource. It contains important policies and procedures which provide the framework that defines your company’s/agency’s operating principles and processes. Our Policy & Procedure manual will also prove to be very useful in helping you with any licensing requirements for a non-medical home care business.

Our Non- Medical Home Care Policy & Procedure Manual is not state/country specific. It is based on   U. S. Standards,Rules and Regulations which reflect the Best Practices of all states/countries and can be used by any country. The policies can be easily edited by tweaking, deleting or adding new policies to conform and comply with any state’s or countries specific licensing requirements.

Policies & Procedures are important because they:

  • reflect your company’s/ agency’s values, mission and vision;
  • help promote quality improvement and aid in risk management;
  • may be required for legal, licensing, certification and/or accreditation purposes;
  • act as a communication and teaching tool;
  • provide direction and guidance and to allow staff to perform their activities and tasks with consistency and efficiency;
  • help avoid conflict and the potential for misunderstanding; and,
  • help to orient new staff, employees and contract workers about their purpose, job standards and expectations.

Features & Benefits:

  • Pre-written policies & procedures. All the policies & procedures are pre-written/produced in Microsoft Word (MS Word). Since the policies are pre-written you will save a lot of time and effort as well as money. You will need a copy of MS Word.
  • Easy to edit and customize. Easily editable in MS Word. Add your own company/agency name and logo to give your Policy & Procedure manual that personalized look. Easy to modify the content to better suit your requirements. Easy to add additional policies and/or delete ones you don’t need. Each policy & procedure is a separate document.
  • Value added. Forms, guidelines, definitions, references and cross-references are provided.
  • Flexible. Even though the manual is tailored to the American home care environment, it can be used in any country as a template, since it is easy to modify and/or add/delete content to reflect your agency’s/ company’s policies and/or those applicable in your local area.

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