Client Handbook/Admission Packet




An Admission Packet provides the perfect opportunity to make a professional first-impression to new clients. It will help build their trust, as you share information with them and save a lot of your time by answering many “housekeeping” questions right away. The Packet provides a warm welcome and describes who you are, your contact details, services you offer and other operational and standards of conduct details. It summarizes your service delivery, staffing, confidentiality/privacy practices and provides useful information on medical and safety measures for emergency and hazardous conditions. It also identifies Client rights and responsibilities and addresses certain governmental requirements including Protected Health Information and False Claims.

Contained in this Packet are a Client Handbook and several forms including many applicable to the Plan of Care, safety measures, advance directives, complaints, hotlines. HIPAA privacy rights. For a complete list of its contents, click on the link below to view the Table of Contents . (Note: Many of the forms are also in the Forms Package.)

The documents are written in MS Word and are editable for customizing to your Agency. Topics that don’t apply to your Agency, can be deleted, others can be added (e.g. your Business Card, Pamphlet, Price List)

The Admissions Packet is available in digital format only. It can be downloaded immediately for viewing, saving and/or printing.

After your transaction is completed, a download link will be sent immediately to the email address you used to make the purchase. Download times will vary, depending on your internet speed & other personal hardware features. If you don’t see the download link in your Inbox, check your Spam Folder. Download your link and SAVE the folder as soon as possible to a laptop, computer, or external storage device such as a flash-drive. Do not save to a portable device such as a smart phone or tablet, as they do not accept the documents. The download links will automatically expire in 48-hours or after 6-attempts to download, whichever comes first. If your links do expire, you can

Click here to view the Table of Contents.