Home Care Client Handbook




Client Handbooks are “must have” information packages to issue to new clients.  They are designed to be easily consulted and provide quick answers.  Our Client Handbook introduces clients to your Home Care Agency.  It provides a briefing on who you are, your contact information, services you offer and other operational and standards of conduct details.  It summarizes your service delivery, staffing, confidentiality/privacy practices and provides useful information on medical and safety measures that clients can take at home and in emergency and hazardous conditions.  It also identifies Client rights and responsibilities and addresses certain governmental requirements including Protected Health Information and False Claims.  (See Tables of Contents for full details on the Handbook’s contents.)

Since our Client Handbook is written in MS Word , it can be easily edited to reflect your Agency’s unique details.  You can delete topics that don’t apply to your Agency, add others that do apply to your Agency; and, insert information  specific to your Agency (e.g.: contact info, billing processes) to create your own customized Client Handbook.

Our Client Handbook is available in digital format only. It can be downloaded immediately for viewing, saving and/or printing.  It is written in MS Word, so you need MS Word or another software program that is compatible with MS Word.

After your transaction is completed, a download link will be sent immediately to the email address you used to make the purchase. Download times will vary, depending on your internet connection & other personal hardware issues. Download your link as soon as possible to a laptop or a computer and not to a portable device such as a smart phone or tablet.  The download links will expire in 48- hours or after 6 attempts to download, whichever comes sooner.  If your links do expire, you can request fresh links from Payoadz or email us at:

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