Client Handbook

Table of Contents

Welcome. 1

Who Are We?. 1

How Can You Contact Us?. 1

What are Our Hours of Operation?. 1

What is Our Mission, Our Vision, Our Values?. 2

What are Our Ethical Practices?. 3

What is Our Philosophy on Service Delivery?. 4

What are Our Professional Boundaries?. 4

What are Your Rights & Responsibilities?. 4

What are Our Responsibilities?. 7

What Services Do We Offer?. 9

What Services Don’t We Provide?. 12

What Insurance Coverage Do We Carry?. 12

Who Can Benefit from Our Services?. 12

What are Our Service Rates?. 13

What are Our Billings & Payment Policies?. 14

Who Pays for Your Service Costs?. 15

What are Our Staffing Practices?. 16

How Do We Set-Up Your Services?. 17

How Do We Handle Communication Challenges?. 18

How Do we Manage Your Service Delivery?. 19

What Information Do We Keep in Your Records?. 22

How Do We Handle Your Confidential Information?. 23

What is Protected Health Information?. 23

What is a “Notice of Privacy Practices”?. 26

How Do We Determine Your Satisfaction Level?. 27

How Do You File a Complaint?. 28

What is Advance Care Planning?. 29

What Constitutes Elder Abuse?. 30

What Constitutes Child Abuse?. 31

How to Protect Your Personal Safety. 32

How to Protect Yourself at Home. 33

What to Do in a Medical Emergency. 41

How to Deal with Non-Emergency Medical Issues. 42

How to Guard Against Infections. 43

What to Do in Hazardous Situations. 44

What to Do During Natural Disasters. 48

What is the “Federal False Claims Act”?. 55

Appendix  A:  HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices. 1

Appendix B:  Advance Directives. a

Appendix C:  Home Safety Checklist. i