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The Employee Handbook is offered as a Download only. It is an electronic, MS Word Document, which can be downloaded immediately for viewing and/or printing. You will need MS Word in order to edit the handbook.

After your order is placed, you will receive confirmation within moments. If your payment is approved, you will be re-directed to a download page from which you can immediately download this E-manual. Download times will vary, depending on your internet connection & other personal hardware issues.

A Employee Welcome Packet is given by companies to new hires usually on their first day on the job.  It is a tool to communicate with a new employee right away and sets the tone for a great working relationship. It also  exhibits that everyone is part of the same team, one in which the new employee is now a member.

Contained in this Packet are:

  1. Employee Handbook which introduces the new employee to the Agency and reviews Agency operations policies, practices, standards, expectations, and other essential information .
  2. Addendum which  contains a number of Human Resources forms

The documents are written in MS Word and are editable for customizing to your Agency. Topics that don’t apply to your Agency, can be deleted, others can be added.

The New Employee Admissions Packet is available in digital format only. It can be downloaded immediately for viewing, saving editing and/or printing.

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