Frequently Asked Questions

Since, our manuals are already offered at reduced prices, we do not offer additional discounts on combination purchases. We have deliberately underpriced our products so they can be available to individuals who have limited financial resources. You may have researched the market and found that others can cost several hundred dollars.
Our manuals are for non medical home care agencies, which provide services for personal care, homemaking, companion/sitter, respite, friendly reassurance and chores. Most medical home care agencies offer these services in addition to skilled medical services such as nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, social work etc. Our Policies and Procedures Manual has many sections that could be used by medical home care agencies but they would still need to write/obtain additional P&Ps to address skilled medical services. In fact, we have had medical home care agencies use this manual as their foundation and then add to it. Our Home Care Assistant Guide could be used by medical home care agencies not only because they employ Care Aides and other non medical staff but also because the manual will assist any job classification to help and understand seniors.
This manual is generic in nature, meaning that it is a basic document designed to meet most of the requirements for all states but probably does not meet all requirements of any single state.

At this time, Home Care accreditation, regulations and requirements fall within the auspices of the regulating body of each specific state, usually the Department of Health. If you haven't already done so, I suggest you contact your state’s regulating body about their non medical home care certification and licensing requirements. They should provide you with a list of what is required. Due to logistics, it is impossible for us to maintain 50+ different U.S manuals, which are individually tailored to satisfy each state’s criteria. Because manuals have also been sold to other countries including Canada, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa etc., there is no way we can keep all of them current with such a variation in regulations and requirements.

What we do provide is a basic working tool, which non medical home care businesses, regardless of which state they are established in, can use to develop more specific policies and procedures, which will meet their own state's requirements and/or their own wants and needs. This may mean some of our policies and procedures have to be tweaked to fit those required by the state and/or it could mean additional policies and procedures need to be written. Therefore, we advise Home Care Operators to compare our Table of Contents to the requirements that their state has to determine if the manual will be of help. If there is still some uncertainty, there is nothing to be lost by ordering it and reviewing it, since we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Copies of this document have been sold to customers in all U.S. states and nobody (yet) has advised us that they were dissatisfied with its content. On the contrary, they have found it to be very helpful and many have advised us it saved them a "ton of work" Creating a Policy and Procedures document is very labor intensive and could take the better part of a year researching and writing.
We do get requests on a regular basis to provide consulting services but are not able to do so because of other commitments. Actually, the reason we wrote the manuals in the first place was because we were receiving a lot of questions on how to set up and operate a home care business. So, we decided to put our experience and knowledge into written form. There isn’t that much more to add than what is already documented in the manuals.
Our Start-Up & Operations Manual will give you a good understanding of what is involved in setting up and operating a non-medical Home Care Business and should help you decided whether or not to get into that profession. Thus, it would be the manual you would want to start with, as it gives step by step recommendations. (If you decide to order it, note that there are 2 versions -- a U.S. edition and a Canadian edition. They both address the same subjects and issues but some of the criteria vary depending on which country you plan to establish your business in.)

If you decide you are going to go into the business, then you will need to establish some Policies and Procedures for operation/service consistency, quality control and, in some states, for licensing purposes. Such a manual can take months to write. Our Policies and Procedures Manual addresses issues that are involved in a non-medical home care business although it has also been purchased by a few medical home care businesses. They would need to develop additional policies/procedures which apply specifically to medical issues.

The Home Care Assistant Guide is a good resource for caregivers to help them understand seniors and provide quality care. It also will help as a self learning tool. We recommend that entrepreneurs hire workers who are certified Care Aides, as this will offset the amount of training needed.
We no longer have our telephone number listed on our website because we were being bombarded with telephone calls 24-7. Many were from solicitors. Others, that were business-related, could be answered by reading our website. E.g. People were phoning at 3:00 in the morning to ask such questions as "How much do your manuals cost?" Therefore, after a couple of years of these frustrations, we decided to remove our phone number from the website. However, our telephone number is provided to customers, as soon as a purchase is made.

Please call between 9:00 am-5:00 pm(PST) Monday-Friday. Please leave a message on our voicemail.
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