Helping and Understanding Seniors

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“The Home Care Assistant Guide “— a Handbook for Helping & Understanding Seniors — is a compilation of information designed to assist caregivers and home care service providers in the delivery of quality care to seniors by understanding their needs and challenges and by recognizing and reacting to their various tribulations and personalities. The guide is a virtual “tool kit” filled with the knowledge, skills, procedures, tips and techniques needed to provide effective home care services. As such, it is as important to Home Care Assistants as hammers and saws are to carpenters. It provides suggestions on how Home Care Assistants can help seniors in stressful situations by ensuring they are acting and reacting in a manner, which is appropriate and beneficial to the senior and the circumstance.

Caregivers and Home Care Assistants, who are new to the profession, will find this guide to be informative and interesting. Experienced Caregivers and Home Care Assistants will also benefit because, first of all, it will serve as a refresher course; and, secondly, it should substantially expand their knowledge and give them a clearer understanding of what is happening, why it is happening and how it might be handled. The guide is also invaluable to owners of Home Care Businesses, whether they are self employed or have staff, as it can be used:

  • as a reference manual for staff;
  • as a self-learning tool; and,
  • for developing policies and procedures.

This guide will improve the efficiency of Home Care Assistants, which, in turn, will enhance the credibility and profile of the Home Care Business Owner. It is comprised of twelve sections, which collectively address:

  • Common Health Problems in Seniors
  • Confusion and Dementias in Seniors
  • The Senior Client (Aging and Needs)
  • Communicating With Seniors
  • Working With Seniors Who Have Disabilities
  • Caring for Terminally Ill Seniors
  • Working With Difficult Seniors
  • Providing Personal Care to Seniors
  • Meeting the Nutritional Needs of Seniors
  • Health and Safety
  • Basics of Emergency Care
  • Infection Control

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