Home Care Assistant Guide

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Note: While the Home Care Assistant Guide focuses on Older Adults, its concepts can be applied to any demographic.

The Home Care Assistant Guide is designed to assist home care service providers deliver quality care to Older Adults by understanding their needs and challenges and by recognizing and reacting to their various conditions, tribulations and personalities. It addresses the following care-relevant topics:

• The Older Adult Client
• Health Problems
• Confusion & Dementia
• Communication
• Disabilities
• Terminal Illness
• Challenging Behavior
• Personal Care
• Nutrition
• Health and Safety
• Basics of Emergency Care
• Infection Control
• Observing, Documenting & Reporting
• Ethical & Legal Issues

The Guide is a “tool kit” filled with knowledge, procedures, techniques and tips on how to deliver effective home care services. Home Care Assistants, who are new to the profession and those that have years of experience will find it informative and helpful. Home Care Administrators will also find the guide handy, as it can be used :

• as a reference manual;
• for in-services, training, and development; and,
• for developing policies and procedures.

This guide will improve the efficiency of Home Care Assistants since it will enhance their knowledge and hone or provide additional skills for dealing with on-the-job situations. It will help them recognize what is happening, understand why it is happening and how to handle various scenarios that may develop. As a result, HCAs’ confidence, ability and competence will reflect positively not only on their own credibility and reputation but also on that of the Home Care Agency that employs them.